Online dating is like Facebook.

Everyone is using it! According to NPR, there are over 10,000 online dating profiles in each city throughout the United States. It’s not just a nerdy trend anymore.

    • Dating a co-worker is overrated. It could also be against company policy. Dating around your circle of friends is also overrated. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable after your break-ups anymore. If you had a bad date, you probably will never see her or him again. With online dating, you will find new people in new places. You can search for matches up to 50 miles from your location.
    • It’s less than the price of a gym membership. Online dating websites can offer dating services for as low as 12 dollars a month. Depending on what you are looking for, the cost can raise up to 20 dollars a month. However, most dating websites will offer a free trial period.
    • You can sit in your pajamas. Find love in your worst outfit. You don’t have to dress up to catch your first date. It’s easy to sit in front of your laptop and chat with potential matches. Browse through hundreds of users at any time of the day.
    • It boosts your ego. I have signed up for an online dating profile. Within a few hours, I was contacted with potential matches online. I continued to receive emails from various users for the next month. If your dating skills are rusty, this gives you the motivation to stay in the game.
    • You already know how to use it. Online dating websites are created much like Facebook or Twitter pages. Since most people are experts at using these social media tools, you can easily adapt to the layouts on a dating site. For example, Zoosk is an online dating site that was created to work with Facebook. You are able to “wink” at a match, which is similar to a “like” on Facebook.
Are you ready to give online dating a chance?