Why Rate Christian Dating Sites?

Christian singles often look for a match who shares the same values and Christian faith as themselves. Because their criteria for a match are more detailed and specific than other individuals, we want to make the dating process easier for them by helping to guide them to dating sites that are catered for Christians only. We look for dating services that not only have a large member base, but also those that have features on their site that are aimed specifically for Christians. For example, ChristianMingle.com has a Worship Center on their site that has articles, videos and more on worshipping Christ. By reading our detailed reviews on Christian dating services, we hope to help Christian singles make an easy decision on which dating site to sign-up with.

Ease Of Use

Some dating sites can be complicated to navigate and use, even for the most experienced Internet user. A lot of times, a user will not know how complicated a dating site is to use until they have already paid and subscribed for a dating service. We’re went ahead and signed up for every dating site and tested out the site’s services. We’re tried out everything from the profile set-up process to the site’s features to measure its ease of use and functionality. We understand that your time is valuable, so we aim to direct you to Christian dating sites that are easy and straightforward to navigate.

Features & Benefits

Meeting and engaging with a person online is much different than meeting someone offline. Initiating a conversation and appealing to a person online can sometimes be challenging. You’ll want to choose a Christian dating site that has features and tools that will make your online dating experience easy and fun. We measure what tools a Christian dating service has and how effective they can be for helping you find a potential match. For example, BigChurch.com offers daily Bible verses and has religious talking points to help spark conversations between its members. From chat rooms to icebreaker options, we look at all the different features and benefits of every Christian dating site to see which one gives you the best tools for meeting that special someone.

How Safe Is It?

Your safety is very important to us. We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you’re getting to know someone online. When reviewing Christian dating sites, we look to see how far a dating service will go to protecting you from unwanted advances from members. We look at which dating services allow you to block member profiles, hide your own profile and more to ensure that your online dating experience is a safe one.

Technology & Customer Support

A dating service’s customer support team is very important to making sure your online dating experience goes as smooth as possible. Whether you’re having issues setting up a profile or you’re looking for advice and tips on how to online date, we look at what types of support a Christian dating site gives you to help make your dating experience worry-free and easy. We’ll let you know if a service has phone support, email support, dating advice and more when we’re reviewing each Christian dating site.

Opportunity For Relationships

We recognize that Christian singles are looking for someone with similar religious and lifestyle values. When we review Christian dating sites, we make sure to look at how large their Christian community is to give prospective members an idea at the amount of opportunities they have at meeting someone. We want to give prospective members the best idea of how successful they will be at meeting their potential match on every Christian dating site we review.