Stuck for style and fashion inspiration? You don’t have to wait for the big designers to parade their ideas down the catwalk before trying a new look. There are many ways of getting some inspiration and developing your own style so, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to find fashion inspiration…

10 Inspirations To Fashion A New Style

1. Find an actor, model or pop star who best captures your favorite styles – but also matches your skin tone.

2. Subscribe regularly to fashion and entertainment magazines to find pictures of your style icons.

3. Cut out those pictures, stick them in a folder or mount them on a wall for inspiration. Remember, it’s just inspiration you are after – aspects of somebody’s look that you can take and mold into your own look, rather than simply copying them wholesale.

4. Take your own pictures while you are out and about. Get used to carrying a camera or sketchbook while you are shopping and don’t be afraid to ask people where they got particular items of clothing – they will see it as a compliment!

5. Vintage clothes stores are great for finding lost treasures and you can also flip through the pages of old magazines and books – not to mention going through your grandparents’ old photos.

6. Experiment with a new, totally unique style that combines elements from the modern era and your grandmother’s era.

7. Look to classic fashion icons for wardrobe staples: people like Jackie Onassis, Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly are always a good reference point.

8. Develop your own fashion inspiration board on a site like Pinterest.

9. Take pictures of yourself wearing new styles so you can see what’s hot and what’s not.

10. Watch your favorite movie and list everything that catches your eye – whether that be clothes, color or landscape.