You really don’t need fancy gym equipment to have a good workout. If you want to get started straight away and are strapped for cash, here are ten great ways to get fit, for free, in the comfort of your own home or town…

Home Workouts Exercise 1 -Walking

A good stomp is great for burning calories and gets the blood pumping around the body. As part of your home workouts, simply use walk up and down the stairs – wear a pedometer to check your distances. You can always head outside in the finer weather, too – it’s completely free and you get to see the great outdoors.

Home Workouts Exercise 2 – Press Ups

OK, so these aren’t everybody’s favourite exercise, but there is no denying the effectiveness of push-ups and they are a feature of every fitness freak’s home workouts. Great for upper body and core strength, as well as building chest muscles. If you can’t handle the full press-up, just drop to your knees instead and keep building up that arm strength until you can.

Home Workouts Exercise 3 – Jumping Jacks

No home workout should be without jumping jacks! A brilliant cardio exercise, jumping jacks are also great for warming up the body before some fiercer exercise. Get the kids involved, too – they absolutely love them!

Home Workouts Exercise 4 – Leg Lifts

Leg raises are great for building up strength and muscles in your legs and they seriously work your core. Ideally, you need to keep your legs straight, but if you are just starting out, you can bend them a little – but always work towards getting a straight leg. Once you can do that, you’ll know you are getting there!

Home Workouts Exercise 5 – Crunches

Crunches are perfect for building up and strengthening abdominal muscles and your core – and perfect for an equipment free home workout. They are tough, so if you are struggling you don’t have to get your head all the way up – keep them as part of your home workouts and you soon will, though.

Home Workouts Exercise 6 – Jogging On The Spot

Jogging is a great exercise for cardio and should be part of anybody’s home workouts. You can do it whilst watching TV or listening to music – but make sure you have a good pair of shoes, to reduce the stress in your legs. Also, think like a cat: the softer you can land on your feet, the better.

Home Workouts Exercise 7 – Squats

These are brilliant – but intense – exercises for your legs and glutes (aka your buttocks). After a few repetitions, you will be working your body hard and the results will be hugely beneficial. They hurt like hell but, as they say, no pain no gain!