Looking good is all about style. Forget fashion, fads and trends, if you can develop and find your own style, it will help you look fantastic and feel great, whatever your budget.

It doesn’t take a lot to find your own style and there are some basic tips that anyone can follow, no matter what your body shape is. So long as you have the right attitude and arm yourself with these quick and easy tips, you will be soon be turning heads wherever you may be. Read on for the details…

Lose your old clothes

First thing’s first, you need to clear out the deadwood. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn anything for over a year, you never will again. Be ruthless and cast out anything that has dated badly, fits badly or makes you feel uncomfortable. If you haven’t done this before, be prepared to lose around 3/4 of your wardrobe!

Stock up on wardrobe essentials

Take a good look at the clothes that you have left. There is a good chance these items will be ‘classic’, timeless and versatile. The next step is to slowly expand and build up these items – they are the staple of any stylish wardrobe. Look out for nicely cut jeans, simple black dresses and trousers, well-fitted cardigans and some crisp blouses or shirts and combine them with a small amount of on-trend new buys which you can change through the seasons.

Develop your outfits

Every now and again, go through your wardrobe to find new combinations from your classic items. Revolve as much as you like to keep yourself looking fresh. If you want to find your own style, other people can help you focus in on what’s working for you, so pick up on any positive comments from friends or strangers and work from there.

Go wild with fashion accessories

Accessories are great investments and if you are wearing a classic outfit, you can go from style queen to vixen with some wildly patterned shoes or bags. Think about what colours suit your skin, hair and eyes though; it’s a fine line between stylish and garish.