We have all become very accustomed to the simple old mouse, but before it goes the way of the dodo and is replaced by touchscreens, gestures and voice controls, are we sure we are making the most of our mice? Here are some lesser-known but essential mouse tips and tricks to help speed up your workflow and cut a few corners…

Top Left Mouse Button Tip

If, like me, you have spent decades holding the Shift key and left mouse button down whilst dragging through paragraphs of text or multiple documents and items in a folder, before accidentally clicking and losing your highlighted area, then you are going to love this tip: simply click at the start point of whatever you want to highlight and then just press Shift and click once at the end. You will see that the entire area is highlighted and ready to be copied, moved or edited!

Using Ctrl To Select Multiple Text

If you want to grab a few select chunks of text from a long, meandering paragraph, just keep the Ctrl button held down while you select what you want to to take out.

Double Clicks And Triple Clicks On Your Mouse

You don’t need to laboriously press and pull the cursor to highlight a particular word: simply double click on it and it will automatically highlight. If you want to highlight a particular paragraph, just triple click!

Opening New Tabs With The Mouse Wheel

Did you know that you can open a link from a web page by clicking on it with the mouse wheel? No? Well, you do now!

Zoom In And Out Of Text With Your Mouse

Are you straining your eyes by looking at a web page with tiny text? Just hit the Ctrl button and use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the page, document or spreadsheet that you are looking at.